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Fri, 01 Jun 07 18:00h - Sun, 03 Jun 07 12:00h- Hexenkessel meets Forever Eden; Domäne Rotenkirchen, near Einbeck / North Germany,


Es ist ma wieder soweit.Die Hexenkessel Crew bittet zur 4.Audienz.
Auch diesmal werden wir die wunderschöne "Domäne Rotenkirchen"mit feinster Musik beschallen.
Am Freitag haben wir schon das erste Highlight für euch,wenn dann im Rahmen eines Kulturabends(about india)Prem Joshua und Band ein Konzert geben werden.
Am Samstag geht es dann ,wie von uns gewohnt ,weiter.Mit Full On und Progressive vom allerfeinsten.


INFOS: here


26.08.2006 - Hexenkessel meets Forever Eden
Domäne Rotenkirchen, near Einbeck / North Germany, -
5.8.2006 - Shiva openair
Am großen Garten 60, Hannover, -

kulturpool e.v. "Bad" Hannover Visit for more information

22.7.2006 - Neptunus
Falckensteiner Strand, Kiel, -

Visit for more information 2006 2005




himalaya sun 24.04.2004


With Daance (nl)

Alpha and Namaskar

Goanation im Bad






The absolutely best new-years-eve-party I ever took part....

Everybody in high spirit, the crowd got mad!!!!

Crystal-clear wallshaking sound and positive vibes!

Thanks to everybody who made this possible!


09. 2003

Acoustic Bubbles (non-commercial)

I had a great 6-hour-set at this open-air I will always party, great peoples! Bubble on!



An art-exibition and party from Lito



A really great non-commercial-party featuring Magnetrixx
and many more...


A special little party from Parapsydox located at the
Harz-mountains in northern Germany.
Artwork by Jaimee.

One of several non-commercial-psy-partys we created under
the "Trasunda"-flag.


First event of the well-known party-series. Always to remember: the great chillout music from "das Leptosom"
(featuring miko, the violin-man).


A festival with Planet B.E.N., Feuerhake, Timo Maas and more, I organized together with Trasunda. A very cool experience!!


A beautyful little party from and with light & sculpture-artist Lito



A great event at "Weltspiele", the undisputedly best party-location in Hannover EVER!!! I`m very happy that I was allowed to take a breath from the spirit of that time (Weltspiele was closed later).
Martin Buttrich, the inventor of "challenger rave", started producing and ist now working with Timo Maas and several others.

oxidizing rave


The second part of the oxidizer-series at the well-known
"Hanomag"-halls in Hannover. It was a great pleasure to open this party because Steve Mason`s "experience"-radio was one of my very first sources for electronic music (thank you, Steve!!).

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